8 hr. Illinois CCW Class ($100)

Only for Military/Retired LE or anyone who meets the requirements.

This CCW Concealed Carry course is an 8-hour course designed to satisfy requirements set forth by the State of Illinois, to allow an individual to apply for a Concealed Carry License (CCL), for Military Veterans, Retired L/E or any civilian who meets the requirements for the one-day class. The curriculum offered during this course has been certified by the State of Illinois, and the instruction will be delivered by professional firearm trainers with significant law enforcement and training experience.

All primary instructors have been certified by the State of Illinois as both CCL instructors and Master Firearm Instructors for law enforcement. After this course, individuals are provided with a State of Illinois certified curriculum which covers more than the minimum requirements suggested by the Illinois State Police and State of Illinois.

What to Bring:

State of Illinois ID, Valid FOID card and DD214
Weather Appropriate Attire
2-3 Magazines
Magazine Holder
100 Rounds of Ammo
Eye & Ear Protection