Accuracy CombatAccuracy in Combat:

Statistically, 77 percent of shots fired in self-defense situations will miss their targets, even when fired by trained gun-handlers.

Roughly 67 percent of the time, the bad guy is the first one to use lethal force. 

This tells us that a gunfight is not a clear-cut incident where a target pops up from behind a barricade.

The average violent attack is within 3ft with a minimum of 3 rounds fired and it’s over in 3 seconds. 

These are  ambush attacks, designed to blindside and overwhelm us. We defeat an ambush by closing on the enemy with superior fire power, make hits and execute this with extreme prejudice. 

This isn’t a natural response. This has to be taught during firearms training! 

During a recent training exercise volunteers with no firearms training and some with firearms training participate in three scenarios – a carjacking, an armed robbery, and a case of suspected larceny.

People with firearms training performed much better than those without it.

Training teaches students more than how to shoot an assailant. 

It also increases the probability that one will use cover, tactics, issue commands and attempt to de-escalate the situation before it becomes deadly and exercise trigger and muzzle discipline, which reduces the chance firing and potentially harming bystanders.

March & April 2022 training schedule will be up soon. 

See y’all downrange!