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“Shooter School is about combat. There is no down time! We don’t sit around in a class room and tell war stories. We don’t stand on line and shoot one round at a time. We definitely don’t do any plinking! We work! You are taught how to win a gunfight, period! Folks that have been to Shooter School understand this and those of you who haven’t, Will Learn quickly!”

⸺ Ron Coventry

Private Courses

One on One and Small Groups

Private (1 to 1)

Private coaching is the fastest way to gain skill and confidence with your gun.

Small Group (3 to 10)

Limited people, maximum exposure and more 1 to 1 training enhances the experience.

Law Enforcement And Military Courses

Military Classes

Law enforcement, government clients and civilians can tailor the training to meet their specific requirements, working with environment or budgetary restrictions. SSWTS MTU classes will have a special pricing plan based on the course and number of students.

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Civilian Courses

Civilian Classes

Training is an ongoing process. Showing up to one class and never following up with realistic practice and additional courses is not a winning strategy.

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The Women of Shooter School

Female Shooters Stock

Women are currently the largest demographic applying for both pistol training and concealed carry. With proper training, female handgun owners know they possess a serious tool with which she can protect herself and her loved ones.

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Conceal Carry Permit Courses

Conceal Carry Proper Form

The curriculum offered during this course has been certified by the State of Illinois, and the instruction will be delivered by professional firearm trainers with significant law enforcement and training experience.

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