2 Day (16hr) Armorers Course - AR-15, M-16 M-4, AR-10

2 Day (16hr) Armorers Course

Prerequisite: None

The world is a mess right now and any attempt to have a weapon repaired is nearly impossible. If you do find a place or person it takes weeks or months to get your weapon operational.

This course is designed to help students learn how to effectively and safely fully disassemble, and re-assemble all variants of AR15, M16, M-4 and AR-10 style rifles, diagnose malfunctions and how to perform corrective actions and repairs. This will save you the energy and time to get your weapon up and running.


• Understand the safety principles involved with AR-15, M-16, M-4 and AR-10 Weapon System.
• Proper Nomenclature of each part.
• Identify all parts and assemblies of the AR-15, M-16, M-4, and AR-10
• Understand the function of each part.
• Assemble & disassemble the complete Upper Receiver Group.
• Assemble & disassemble the complete Barrel Assembly.
• Assemble & disassemble the complete Lower Receiver Group.
• Identify & replace defective or broken parts.
• Order proper parts for repair.
• Obtain technical knowledge of various trigger groups.
• Obtain technical knowledge of Gas System requirements & operation.
• Diagnose problems.
• Knowledge of optional & necessary equipment selection.
• Installation of optional & necessary equipment selection.

Required Equipment:

  • Carbine/Rifle
  • 2-3 Magazines
  • 100 rds of Ammo
  • Clear eye protection
  • Pen for notes
  • Cleaning Gear
  • Armorer’s tools

How do I get to Shooter School in Atwood, IL?


LOCATION: SSWTS Lake Fork Sportsman’s Club GPS Coordinates: 350 N 1375 E Atwood, Il 61913 39.84412 W 88.48773 Directions: From Illinois Route 36, go north on Main Street (Co. Hwy 14). Follow road to fork left, follow north to E300 North Road (County Hwy 19), turn left (West). Follow E 300 North Rd West to County Road 1375E, turn right (North). Follow north, range on west side of road. (use Google maps)

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