Carbine/Pistol Transition Class

Carbine/Pistol Transition Class

Prerequisite: AR-15 Class and a Pistol Class or Military/LE

Knowing when to transition from a carbine to a pistol is another of those subjective determinations.
The rule of thumb is 25 yards. Outside of 25 yards’ pistol accuracy is considered generally marginal and there is enough time to reload the rifle.
Inside 25 yards the threat is more immediate and there is little or no time to work the rifle and transitioning to a working and loaded weapon is recommended.
If you want to become proficient with your carbine we can help. Most shooting exercises are conducted within 50 yards with emphasis on close quarter battle. As the day progresses you will become more confident with your ability to transition from your carbine to your pistol.
· Speed loads
· Malfunction and immediate action drills
· Transition from carbine to pistol
· Shooting on the move
· Bounding drills
· Weak hand shooting
· Barricade shooting strong and weak side
· Multiple targets

Required Equipment:

· 150 rounds carbine ammo
· 100 rounds pistol ammo
· Carbine/w min of 3 magazines
· Pistol/w min of 3 magazines
· Holster · Sling · Eyes/Ears
· Knee/Elbow pads optional

How do I get to Shooter School in Atwood, IL?


LOCATION: SSWTS Lake Fork Sportsman’s Club GPS Coordinates: 350 N 1375 E Atwood, Il 61913 39.84412 W 88.48773 Directions: From Illinois Route 36, go north on Main Street (Co. Hwy 14). Follow road to fork left, follow north to E300 North Road (County Hwy 19), turn left (West). Follow E 300 North Rd West to County Road 1375E, turn right (North). Follow north, range on west side of road. (use Google maps)

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