American Patriots Weekend

American Patriots Weekend

Teamwork, camaraderie and brotherhood.

People ask me what do you miss since you have retired? My response is “THE TEAM”. 

I miss being part of a team. It’s something I have been part of my entire life. Starting with Marine Security Force, CIA Counterterrorism, Swat and Sniper teams! 

It was always a good feeling walking into combat or some shit sandwich knowing you had your brother/sister at your side! Someone who would step up and help and to make sure you got home. 

I have trained many civilian shooters in my time and one thing that sticks out the most is that they are for the most parts individuals. 

This course is designed so y’all can experience team work, camaraderie and brotherhood that is forged when working together. 

At 7:00 pm, we will gather at the range with a group of like minded people who will sit around a fire pit and tell war stories and if y’all don’t have any I have plenty! 

We need to discuss the situation this country is in and what options will be available to handle these upcoming and inevitable events. 

Bring your tent, camper, RV or whatever y’all want to sleep in or on and y’all’s favorite beverage. 

The first day starts with breakfast at the club house. Eggs, bacon and coffee will be on the menu. 

After breakfast we will start with some pistol work. As we progress through the day we will run several courses involving team work. 

Lunch will be provided as well. After lunch we will switch over to carbines. Training will consist of zeroing and working on our fundamentals. 

A steel range will then be set out to 200 yards. We will cover malfunction drills, speed reloading and positional shooting using cover, communications and moving as a team. 

Dinner will be provided. I will serve y’all smoked pulled pork, cole slaw and baked beans that I will prepare. 

After dinner we will have a night shoot incorporating both pistol and carbine. 

After the night shoot back to the fire pit for a debrief of the days training. 

The next morning breakfast will be served pancakes and bacon! 

Day 2, will consist of  pistol/carbine transition with team formations incorporated. 

Equipment required: 

  • Handgun/holster
  • Carbine/sling 
  • 3 mags each min
  • Body Armour (optional) 
  • Flashlight (hand held or weapons mounted)
  • Battle Belt (optional)
  • Night Vision ( optional)
  • Any other call out gear y’all may carry
  • Ammo for handguns and carbines ( 400 rounds each min)


SSWTS Lake Fork Sportsman’s Club

350 N 1375 E

Atwood, Il 61913

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