The Women of Shooter School Courses

Women of Shooter School

Empower a COMMUNITY of women through TRAINING and SUPPORT to confidently face threatening scenarios for their own self-preservation and protection of their loved ones.



  • Welcome diverse women from all agers and walks of life.
  • Create opportunities to train within a woman-focused environment and build new friendships.
  • Educate members to support and complement their range training.


  • Develop proper firearms handling skills and safety.
  • Progress with realistic firearms training and self-defense tactics.
  • Practice critical skills to become the survivor rather than the victim.
  • Promote situational awareness and combat mindset for the possibility of implementing skills learned.


  • Provide a safe and encouraging environment for beginning shooters.
  • Elevate the skills of more experienced shooters.
  • Encourage one another as we practice, learn and grow together.

Women of Shooter School Classes Currently Available

There are no upcoming events.