Fight back! Whenever you are offered
Fight back! Whenever you are offered

What should handgun training focus on?

* Combat Mind Set

* Your Handgun 

* Handgun Presentation

* Staying combat effective 

* Shot Placement 

Unfortunately, much of what passes for defensive handgun training these days is not realistic real world training. 

If you want to go and spend five days crawling on the ground, shooting thousands of rounds through your AR or AK, that’s fine. It’s great fun. 

Chalk that up to your vacation budget, NOT your handgun training budget.

When you’re at the office or pumping gas, you won’t have a chest rig and a rifle. You’ll have a concealed handgun and a spare magazine (maybe)! 

The only gear you will get to defend yourself and your loved ones with will be that gear which is on your person when the shit hits the fan! 

So, your handgun training program should be geared towards: 

1) Develop situational awareness and combat mindset, accepting the fact that violence can occur anytime, anywhere to anyone! (Including you)

Do not be surprised or astonished that someone is violently attacking you. 

Instead of “I can’t believe this is happening!,” your response should be, “I have been waiting for this day!”

2) Carry a handgun you can shoot well, that fits your hand a secure holster, belt, and match grade ammunition! Wear it on a daily basis. 

You do not get to pick which day you will need your gun. Someone else makes that decision for you, and you will typically be informed at the very last minute!

3) Work on a safe, efficient, fast presentation of the handgun from its concealed carry. Practice in the clothes you will wear daily, sitting at a table, from drivers or passenger seat of your vehicle just for starters! 

If you ever need that gun to save a life, you will need it quickly. You will have a small amount of time once the bullets start flying! 

The faster you can access your equipment, the more time you have to make the right choices. Be smooth because the smoother you are the faster you will become! If you try to be fast you will screw it up and make sure you have good shot placement! 

4) Learn to keep your gun running. Always stay in the fight and be combat effective.  If it runs empty reload it, If it malfunctions, fix it.

5) Do the bulk of your practice on getting solid hits in the 3- to 7-yard range, quickly and reliably. Do some handgun training at 15-20 yards. 

Spend your handgun training on the skills you are most likely to need.

See y’all downrange soon!