Rules of EngagementTime for some tuff love!!! 

Rules of Engagement

1. Are you in immediate fear of death or great bodily harm, to yourself or another 

2. Is the person committing or attempting to commit a forceable felony

3. Is the person armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon 

4. Has the person made any physical or verbal threats of violence against you 

It amazes me how many people who carry a weapon have no understanding of their ROE! I see this every time shooters come back for their re qualification after carry a weapon for 5 years! 

I run deadly force situations at them and most fail! Understanding your ROE is critical if y’all don’t then y’all shouldn’t be carrying a weapon! 

This will piss some people off and I will hear it’s my right to carry, blah, blah, blah! Grow up, be part of the solution not the problem! Seek out professional training! Your training needs to be continual!  Weapons, ammo, gear, tactics, laws change constantly! Y’all need to stay on top of that, shit! 

I don’t think any of y’all want to spend the rest of your life in prison, or get dead, or watch a family member die because y’all made the wrong decision! 

See y’all downrange!