Assuming that you have a plan, you have attained a firearm, you have trained yourself, and you have conducted rehearsals, the following scenario outlines the basic response in this unfortunate situation.

In the middle of the night you are awakened by someone forcing entry on your front door. Remember, “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast”. You get up and move to your firearm. 

You quickly disengage the locks while listening for the progress of the intruder. As he gains entry you are assuming a dominant position where you can see and point your firearm at the intruder while exposing yourself as little as possible. As he gains entry you speak in a loud and commanding voice “Stop, Don’t Move, Show me your hands”. If he does not obey and you identify a weapon or threat of physical harm, shoot at the middle of his chest. Prepare to fire again if necessary. When the immediate threat has passed, approach your assailant slowly while maintaining a point of aim on his chest. Assure that he is either dead and/or disarmed. 

Regardless, using zip ties, secure his hands. When he is secure, call the police and turn on the lights both inside and out. Ensure there is no additional threats. When law enforcement arrives be visible, nonthreatening and ready to give a statement.

How does one choose a firearm for home defense?

How do I develop a plan?

Things to Remember?

Denial Is what keeps us from taking, reasonable, responsible, and practical measures from protecting our families from these types of threats! 

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The only person who can protect you and yours is you! 

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